Tripadvisor Awards 2021

It was a delightful surprise for Hacienda de los Santos to receive the highest recognition to date from Tripadvisor, Traveller’s Choice 2021 Best of the Best. A few years ago, this beautiful hotel, resort, and spa located in Alamos obtained the #1 Hotel of ‘Top 25 Small Hotels of Mexico’. For 2021, Hacienda de los Santos Resort & Spa placed #3 in the ‘Top 25 Best […]
Visit Sonora / July 09, 2021
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Magdalena de Kino

Its fascinating history continues to this day, not for nothing is one of the 132 Magical Towns  (Pueblos Mágicos) in Mexico. It is the home of the remains of the missionary Eusebio Francisco Kino and one of the places where San Francisco Javier is worshiped, who, like Father Kino, was a Jesuit. It...
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Menudo with Pata, very Sonoran dish

Menudo is a delicious Mexican dish, but the people of Sonora have given it a different touch that makes it unique: they added Pata (beef paws) and adapted the recipe to what is now known as a traditional dish of our state. But where does this dish come from? Different versions are known, one o...
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An incredible road trip

Join Elsie and Carlos from Los Sabores de Mexico y El Mundo in this incredible adventure as they pass through Sonora: Roadtrip from Mexico City to Tijuana. Almost 8 months of quarantine have passed and came the time when we had to leave the house. We began to plan and look for ideas to travel the...
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Thousands of Turtles are Born and Released in Mexico

Although the coronavirus pandemic has lasted several months in Mexico and the world, not all about it has been bad news. Thanks to the fact that beaches have fewer visitors, thousands of Olive Ridley turtles have hatched in Sonora. On Desemboque beach, where about 500 turtles are born in normal yea...
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Road Trips with Health Risk Control

One of the main alternatives for tourist travel after reducing Covid-19 contagion at the minimum between the United States and Mexico will be by road and we are working on offering you a better experience. We are developing new strategies with the US authorities for you to take the safest road trip...
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A New Artificial Reef in San Carlos

We are preparing a Navy ship, the ExSantos, to submerge it and create an artificial reef in San Carlos, Guaymas. This will be a magnificent experience for marine exploration and scuba diving in the Sea of Cortez, which will also help the conservation of hundreds of species. A New Experience Un...
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4 reasons that make Puerto Peñasco the ideal destination to travel with kids

Looking for the best place to travel with kids? In northern Mexico there is a wonderful destination to visit with the family and create unforgettable memories with the kids. Puerto Peñasco is near Arizona and the Sea of Cortez. It faces the Gulf of California. The city was created in 1952, but i...
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How to go green while staying at a hotel?

Do you want to make your trips greener? Here we explain everything you need to know. There are several ways to do responsible tourism and travel without damaging the environment. And one of them is to be aware of the positive impact that you can make starting from your hotel. Various lodgings ...
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Tetakawi Mountain, a must-see on your next adventure tourism

If you love being in contact with nature, discovering new places and adventure tourism, hiking and climbing. Sonora has a special destination for you! It’s a must-see place in the heart of San Carlos: Tetakawi Mountain. This place is located on the shores of the Sea of Cortez, with spectacular ...
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The 4 services that your business hotel should offer you

Discover some excellent business travel tips and make the most of your next stay. Keep reading! It's essential to choose a good hotel to stay in while you carry out your work. Here we'll tell you what the 4 fundamental services that you should look for in your next stay so that, when we can trave...
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