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Imagine a paradise land located in el Mar de Cortés (the Sea of Cortez), between the desert, the mountains and the sea. That's right! We are talking about San Carlos, a city that will leave you breathless. Recognized by National Geographic as the most spectacular Ocean View in the world in 2011.

Diversity abounds in this land; If you are looking for relaxation by the sea, San Carlos offers you a great variety of options: Playa Los Algodones (Los Algodones Beach) and its beautiful white sand dunes; Playa San Francisco (San Francisco Beach) is the perfect option to spend a day with the family. With its gentle waves, everyone will be able to enjoy it and do activities such as snorkeling or kayaking; Playa Piedras Pintas (Piedras Pintas Beach) is the ideal option if you are looking for a less crowded and more adventurous destination.

Colorful sunset San Carlos

San Carlos also indulges you with sceneries that will transport you to another world: Cerro Tetakawi (Tetakawi Hill) is a mandatory stop, on your next visit, where you can admire the different landscapes that this amazing place gives you. In addition, if you like hiking and climbing, it is a great option for you. You can also visit el mirador escénico (the scenic viewpoint), for which San Carlos got famed as the most spectacular ocean view in the world.

For adventure lovers, el Cañón del Nacapule (the Nacapule Canyon) offers you unique zip-line and rappel circuits in Sonora, perfect for spending an adrenaline-filled day giving you a wonderful view of the Canyon. You can also hike and admire water holes, nacapule trees, palm trees, cacti and endemic plants.

Most spectacular view of the ocean in the world
Only be concerned about resting and enjoying yourself! Rest assured that our priority is you, which is why we have implemented the necessary health and safety protocols to guarantee the safety of your stay.

In San Carlos, we are now waiting for you!

Do you plan on arriving by plane?
Nearby airport:
- The International airport of Ciudad Obregón
160 km
- The International airport of Hermosillo
120 km
Are you traveling by car?
Continue with la Ruta San Carlos - Isla Tiburón: you will start your journey heading to the Cajon del Diablo, a special reserve with an amazing ecosystem. Later, you will take the road to Bahía de Kino (Kino Bay), a relaxing destination to rest and spend the night.
The following day you will arrive at the Seri locality of Punta Chueca, from there you will have to cross el Canal del Infiernillo (the Infiernillo Channel) and before long you will find yourself on the largest island in Mexico: Isla Tiburón (Shark Island), an amazing ecological reserve and sacred territory Seri.
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