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Visit Sonora / March 29, 2021
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The most popular destinations to visit these day are the beaches and Rocky Point is an outstanding option. Not only for its beauty, but also for being pioneers in security and sanitation protocols for the safety of visitors and residents. These are our top five activities in Rocky Point:

1. Gastronomy. What’s better than enjoy the freshest seafood like the ones you find in Rocky Point. If you are a bit traditional and shrimp and fish are your favorites, here you will find the best. If you are more daring, our oyster farms will serve this delicacy straight from the sea to your plate.

Gastronomía Puerto Peñasco

2. Pirate Ship Ride. An activity that will be memorable for the whole family. Imagine sailing on a pirate ship with its entire crew. Although pirates have a bad reputation, we assure you that they will be the most attentive with snacks and drinks for everyone, as well as live shows that will make your sunset trip unforgettable.

Barco Pirata El Rey del Mar

3. Walk along the Malecon. One of the most traditional ways to spend a pleasant afternoon in Rocky Point is to walk along the boardwalk. Enjoy its wonderful view, feel the breeze while enjoying the company of your friends or loved ones. Here, tension and stress melt under the warmth of joy and fun. Whether visiting one of the many restaurants, hitting a bar, or just taking a tour with a refreshing drink, you’ll surely have a good time.

Malecón Puerto Peñasco

4. Visit the beaches. The most popular beach in Rocky Point, “Sandy Beach”, has a National White Flag certification which means you can have the peace of mind of a clean and sustainable beach. This certification is achieved by complying with the requirements and specifications of beaches for recreational use and conservation. On your next visit, enjoy a safe and clean beach.

Playas Puerto Peñasco

5. Visit El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve. This reserve has a world-class visitor center where you will learn more about this biodiverse UNESCO World Heritage Site. Besides, you can go hiking and take a route through craters and sand dunes that will make you feel out of this planet.

Centro de Visitantes Museo SchukToak

The safety of both visitors and residents is a top priority in Sonora. Before traveling, familiarize yourself with local travel guidelines and protocols for all of the destinations you plan to visit. You can also check out the website of the Sonoran Ministry of Health for the latest protocols updates.

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